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Installation and Configuration Guide

This document explains how to install and configure coin operated wifi hotspot machine using Orange Pi One or PC. This includes the following sections:

1. Pre-Installation Requirements

The following requirements must be ready before proceeding to the next section.

1.1 Hardware Requirements:

  • Raspberry Pi 3, 3B or 4
  • Custom board
  • Power supply
  • Router (connected to the internet)
  • Lan cable
  • Coin slot
  • SD Card Class 10 (use a fast read/write high quality sd card) & Card Reader

1.2 Software Requirements:

  • Image Flashing Tool: (e.g. balenaEtcher)
  • AdoPiSoft Image

2. Pre-Installation Checklist

Use the following checklist to ensure that the machine and software applications are ready for the installation and configuration procedures.

# Checklist
1 Download and install flashing application ( balenaEtcher)
2 Download your preferred AdoPiSoft image.
Sample AdoPiSoft Images:
AdoPiSoft Regular
AdoPiSoft LITE
Link to other AdoPiSoft Images versions:
Other AdoPiSoft Images versions Mirror 1
Other AdoPiSoft Images versions Mirror 2

3. Installation and Configuration Procedures

3.1 Flash AdoPiSoft Image To SD Card

# Steps
1 Insert the card reader (with sd card) into your PC.
2 Open the image flashing tool (balenaEtcher) on your PC.
3 In the image flashing application (balenaEtcher), click Flash from file button.
4 Select the AdoPiSoft image. (adopisoft-(version).img)
5 Click Select button.
6 Select the correct sd card.
7 Click Select button.
8 Click the Flash button.
9 Wait until flash is successful.

IMPORTANT: It doesn't matter what software version is in the image. You can always go to the admin System→Device page and Check Updates and install the latest software version available.

3.2 Follow this Orange Pi Wiring Diagram to connect necessary components properly.

Supported Raspberry Pi models:
- Orange Pi One
- Orange Pi PC

For Newifi VLAN Config, follow this guide: Newifi D2 VLAN For AdoPiSoft

NOTE: You can use your preferred Access Point Brand. Newifi D2 used in the diagram is just an example. For a Non-VLAN capable Access Point, you need a USB-to-LAN adapter for your captive portal network.

3.3 Configure Payment Portal Settings

Access your machine's WAN IP. You can get your machine IP from the modem's admin dashboard.

3.4 Configure Network Interface Settings

Regular Version

LITE Version

Raspberry Pi SSH Credentials

user password
root [email protected]
root root

IMPORTANT: SSH is for troubleshooting purpose only. Always disable SSH in System->Services->SSH Service for normal operation.

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