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Newifi D2

This is for Stand-alone Ado Newifi Hotspot. If you're looking for newifi VLAN setup go to Newifi VLAN Config.


Materials Needed:

  • Newifi D2
  • A fast read/write and high quality USB flash drive.

Files to Download:

Flash Adonewifi firmware to Newifi D2 using Breed web.

Flash USB extroot to your Flash drive using Etcher

Follow this youtube tutorial by Izod Duke:

Credits to Izod Duke

Important: After successfully booting the AdoPiSoft Newifi Firmware, go to SystemDevice page and click Check Updates and install latest version.

Expand USB Storage to full capacity

Payment Portal

For payment portal, you can use any of the following:

SSH Credentials

IMPORTANT: This is for troubleshooting purpose only. Always disable SSH in System->Services->SSH Service for normal operation.

username: root

password: [email protected]

USB Storage almost full or size not fully utilized?

Access your device via ssh using Putty with the credentials above.

Then run this command:


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