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Serial Coinslot

Serial coinslot uses Arduino as the controller for coin acceptor credits, (lcd display, and keypad E-loading)*optional. The data is transmitted via USB serial. Just connect the usb chord(shipped with your arduino) to your main vendo (Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Newifi D2 with USB Hub, or x64 Ubuntu Server)

Installation Guide

1. Flash Arduino

2. Wiring Diagram

Materials Needed:

  1. Arduino Uno or any arduino with equal or higher memory capacity than uno
  2. Universal Coin Acceptor

Optional parts for E-loading (Keypad+lcd) setup:

  1. 4×3 Membrane Keypad Module (Optional, only if E-loading is enabled)
  2. ST7920 128×64 LCD Display Module (Optional)
  3. Bill Acceptor (Optional)

Download Diagram

NOTE: LCD and keypad are just optional.

3. Payment Portal Settings

Go to SalesPayment Portals page.

Add Built-in / Wired Coinslot and follow the following settings:

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